Trucks in Front of Auto Salvage Building
Whether you are buying a part for your own car, or are in the auto repair business, we are one of the top service oriented, premier salvage yards in the tri-state area. Our 8-vehicle strong delivery fleet, all experienced drivers, ensures you a quick delivery and our newly implemented quality control program will ensure all parts from our yard will be thoroughly inspected for your satisfaction. All repair shops, please take advantage of our services to help you repair your customer's cars on time, all the time. Keep your insurance companies happy too! We service many shops that are Geico Direct, Allstate Pro, Liberty Mutual Care Plus, Progressive DRP, High Point GRP, USAA Stars and Encompass Pro. Let us serve you, The All American Way! more
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Used Auto Parts Emporium in New Jersey

Tri-State Auto Salvage & Car Scrap Yard in New Jersey

For more than 30 years, All American Auto Salvage has been the go-to tri-state auto salvage and car scrap yard in New Jersey for those looking for used auto parts at the best prices. Since first setting up shop in 1983, we’ve made it easy for people to find the auto parts they need to repair or restore their vehicles. We’ve also lent a hand to auto repair businesses searching for specific parts for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

All American Auto Salvage is a tri-state auto salvage and car scrap yard in New Jersey that carries all kinds of used auto parts. When you visit our scrap yard, you’ll find:


  • Body panels
  • Engine components
  • Transmission replacements
  • And so much more!


We’re fully committed to providing high-quality reclaimed used auto parts for our clients throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, and we offer a full range of vehicle parts for individuals and auto shops alike. We invite you to come down to our scrap yard to get your hands on the parts you need now.


Arrange to Have Used Auto Parts Delivered to You

All American Auto Salvage realizes that not everyone has time to take a trip to our tri-state auto salvage and car scrap yard in New Jersey to pick up used auto parts. So, in addition to keeping thousands of used auto parts in stock, we also have a large fleet of delivery vehicles to deliver used auto parts to customers in NJ and the surrounding areas. We bring the used auto parts you need directly to your yard or repair shop. We also have drop yards we bring parts to so those in New York can easily pick up what they need. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced staff is always available to answer questions or to help you track down parts to fit in your vehicle.


We Guarantee You’ll Be Satisfied With Our Used Auto Parts

When you turn to All American Auto Salvage for used auto parts, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. To ensure you’re happy with the used auto parts you buy, we utilize our quality control program to perform a thorough inspection of all of the parts we sell through our tri-state auto salvage and car scrap yard in New Jersey. This program ensures the components you buy from us are of the highest quality possible. It also ensures you’re able to have your vehicle repaired quickly so you can get it back out on the road again. You’ll feel completely confident in the used auto parts you purchase.


All American Auto Salvage is a family-owned and operated tri-state auto salvage and car scrap yard in New Jersey. We’re also a proud member of the American Recyclers Association. We’re prepared to help you find the used auto parts you need. Call us at 732-574-1945 to see if we have what you’re looking for in stock.