Reliable Auto Salvage Yard Connecticut

Since 1983, All American Auto Salvage has served as the premier auto salvage and vehicle scrap junk yard in the Connecticut area. We provide auto repair shops and individual customers with all sorts of used auto parts for cars, trucks and SUVs, including but not limited to alternators, compressors, engines and fuel tanks.

 As well, provide used and replacement fenders, front bumpers, rear bumpers, hoods, headlights and taillights, among myriad other options. Put simply, if you need some sort of used auto part to get a vehicle working properly again, we will almost certainly have what you need, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle.

All American Auto Salvage has become Connecticut’s go to auto salvage and vehicle scrap yard thanks to our superior customer service. Many of our repeat customers are auto repair shops, and we understand the tight timeline mechanics are on to fix the vehicles in their care. Therefore, we do everything we can to promptly get you the parts you need right away. In fact, we have an 8-vehicle fleet which ensures we can quickly deliver the used auto parts our customers in Connecticut need right away.

Scrap Junk Yard

If you’re driving a “junker” that is on its last life, or your car has unfortunately been totaled in an accident, you can always scrap it with our yard, and earn some cash for it in the process.

Whether you want to visit our yard or have used auto parts for cars, trucks and SUVs delivered right to your doorstop, the experts at All American Auto Salvage are here to help. We have a quality control program in place to ensure you always receive reliable parts you can use. For more information or to inquire about used auto parts, contact us today.