Arm Yourself with Knowledge when Junking Your Car

ib_p006_0_9Nothing lasts forever, not even good old Detroit steel. When you and your car have driven to the end of the road together and it’s just too costly to maintain any longer, it may be time for the junkyard. But there are some measures to take before you can even consider your ride for the graveyard.

First and foremost, you have to establish yourself as the legal owner of the vehicle. No legal scrapyard can legitimately purchase a vehicle from any but the legal owner. So if you do not have your title, get one. And if the car is not yours, you cannot sell it to a junkyard. Some junkyards even require proof of registration, especially if the car is still drivable.

Next, hunt around for the best price against the Blue Book value. Junkyards are as unique as their owners, so you will likely get different quotes from different individuals. One junkyard may have a client in the market for just what parts are on your car, while another may be inundated with too many models similar to yours. These scenarios will reflect what price they quote you. Also if the junkyard prefers you dismantle the vehicle yourself, they may give you a better price. That’s because many nonmetal parts are completely useless to scrapyards. This is something you will want to consider when weighing which yard best suits your needs.

When you decide who will give you the best price for your car, prepare it for delivery. Ensure all your belongings are no longer in the car and you have harvested anything you may want from the car. This includes any aftermarket parts or additions. It is always best to drive or tow it there without the buyer’s help. This is because they tend to factor their time and gas used in recovering the vehicle.

Finally, don’t forget to tie up all loose ends with your local DMV, This includes completing junked or salvaged auto paperwork, included on the back of the title, and surrender the license plates. Shop around for who is going to give you your best price and ensure you are not being taken advantage of. Doing your own research on how high demand your vehicle may be is always advisable.

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