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Buying an Engine From a Salvage Yard

 At All American Auto Salvage, you can buy an affordable used engine for your vehicle. Price is a major factor when it comes to buying an engine. Salvage yards like All American offer decent engines at decent prices which don’t break the bank. What are some tips for buying a used engine? Things to Check… Read more »

Is My Steering Pump Going Bad?

How’s your steering pump? This piece of equipment helps make sure that fluid reaches a vehicle’s power steering system. It uses a slotted rotor that rotates and allows fluid to enter the pump. The steering pump also moves fluid to discharge ports. That fluid ends up in a reservoir in the power steering system, helping… Read more »

Save Money on These Parts by Purchasing Them From a Salvage Yard

Inflation is causing many people to look for bargains wherever they can in order to save some money, and one of those places to find bargains is an auto salvage yard. When you’re looking for certain car parts for your vehicle, rather than buy “brand new,” you can turn to an auto salvage yard like… Read more »

5 Signs It’s Time Replace My Alternator

An alternator has an important role in a vehicle. It has a coil (a spool of copper, usually) and magnets known as brushes rotating on an axle, brushing up against the coil to create an electrical charge. This generates an alternating current that connects with various electrical components of the vehicle as well as the… Read more »

Advice for Buying a Used Transmission

People come to All American Auto Salvage in Rahway, New Jersey, to find affordable used auto parts. One thing, in particular, people are looking for these days are used transmissions. What are some key things to keep in mind when buying a used transmission for your vehicle? There are several things to consider when buying… Read more »

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle With the Help of an Auto Salvage Yard

These days buying used or new cars/trucks can be expensive. If you don’t have the money in your budget to replace a whole vehicle, consider maintaining the one you’ve already got, and doing so in an affordable way. One of the smart ways to save money while maintaining a vehicle is to find and buy… Read more »

Should You Take an Old Car to a Salvage Yard or Scrap It?

Do you have an old car sitting in a garage and you’re not sure what to do with it? Or maybe you have a bunch of spare auto parts and you want to sell them to somebody? Have you considered sending it to a yard? Is there a difference between a salvage and scrap yard?… Read more »

Advice When Buying Used Auto Parts

Buying used auto parts instead of new ones is a great way to save money when making auto repairs. Nevertheless, before you purchase used parts, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself prior to… Read more »

Reasons to Replace an Engine Rather Than Buy a New Car

Cars and trucks, for some owners, become part of the family. Much like a beloved cat or dog, a man’s car or truck often receives lots of attention, care and concern. If the vehicle is in good condition then the owner is good; if it’s not, the owner is not happy and wants to fix… Read more »

Reasons to Buy From an Auto Salvage Dealer

When you’re thinking of buying a car, there’s new and used, of course, but there’s also salvage. You can buy vehicles from an auto salvage dealer for an affordable price. While most people assume they know what the term salvage means, just for clarification purposes here’s a decent explanation: Joe’s driving a 2012 Dodge Caravan…. Read more »