Here’s Why You Should Consider Buying an Engine from an Auto Salvage Yard

Are you currently in possession of a vehicle that needs its engine replaced? If so, you’re probably faced with sticker shock when you price out brand new engines. Not everyone has $5,000 to $10,000 to spend on a brand new replacement engine for their needy vehicle. That said, what about considering an engine from an auto salvage yard? A “used” engine might run you a couple thousand dollars, or, if you’re lucky, a couple hundred. So there’s definitely a way to save money when you need a replacement engine for your vehicle– go to a place like All American Auto Salvage and see what your options are.

Different Used Engines to Suit Your Budget

Besides saving a substantial amount of money, what are some other reasons to buy an engine from a salvage yard? For starters, you might have various choices of engines– some with more miles on them, some with less. Some might need a little work– which you might want to do– while others are “ready to go.” You get to pick what suits your needs and your budget.

You Still Get a Quality Product When Buying a Used Engine

Won’t buying a used engine mean that you sacrifice quality? No, that’s not the case. Salvage yards are like other businesses– they want to stay in business and be profitable, so they put some effort into selling quality parts rather than ones that don’t work! Engines are tested and have to meet performance expectations before they’re sold to you or someone else. Some salvage yards offer warranties as well, to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Used Engines Are Good for the Environment

Buying an engine from a salvage yard shows that you’re an environmentally responsible person who cares about the planet. You’re giving an engine a second lease on life rather than it just ending up in a landfill– this is a good way to help reduce the collective carbon footprint.

Finally, there’s the issue of saving time. Rather than wait for an engine “on order” you can get one fast at a salvage yard.

Curious about what engines are available for sale at All American Auto Salvage in Rahway, NJ? Call 732-574-1945 for more info.

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