Save Money and Keep Your Car Running Smooth With Used Auto Parts

If money doesn’t matter, then go buy brand new auto parts. But, if you’re like most people, and money matters, and you’d like to save a buck or two… or more… then buy used auto parts at places like All American Auto Salvage in Rahway, NJ, which isn’t far from New York City.

Think about this: if you take your car to a dealer to get fixed, they’ll almost always charge more than the mom-and-pop fix-it shop down the road. Why? Because they can and they do! They probably charge more to pay for fancy advertising.

Okay. Sometimes you’ll want to buy brand new parts for your vehicle. Certain things, like brake pads and shoes as well as windshield wipers need to be new. But most other things like alternators, carburetors, and transmissions can be used– especially if they “still have a lot of life left in them.” Why pay an exorbitant price for a brand new part when you can get a much better deal at a place like All American Auto Salvage selling quality used auto parts?

Find These Parts Used

If you’re looking for car body parts, like doors, hoods or quarter panels, does it make sense to buy brand new? You might have a hard time finding brand new body parts– but used ones are more readily available, and for decent prices. They can always be painted, if needed.

In a world where we throw so much stuff out and most of it gets buried underground, isn’t it nice to know you’re doing your part to “save the world” by buying used parts (and reusing them)? It’s the environmentally-friendly thing to do.

All American Auto Salvage of Rahway, New Jersey, has plenty of used car and truck parts for sale; check out our inventory gallery here. Got a question about used auto parts? If you have any questions, contact us at your convenience.  

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