A Guide to Buying a Used Car Battery

What are some signs you might need to replace your car battery? If the engine cranks but won’t start or you’ve had to jump start your car a couple times, it’s likely that you need to replace your battery. Also, you can open the hood and look to see if the current battery looks cracked or swollen. Perhaps it’s leaking. Those are more signs your battery isn’t in good shape.

Reasons to Consider a Used Car Battery

If and when you need to buy a new car battery, but money is tight, consider buying a used car battery at a place like All American Auto Salvage in Rahway, NJ.

Typically, brand new batteries cost between $50 and $200 and batteries need replacing every 4-5 years. For those who don’t want to buy brand new, a used battery should be cheaper than a new one. Price, obviously, is a major factor. Why spend $200 on a battery when you could get it used for at a must less expensive rate?

When looking at used batteries, you can check the date stamp which indicates when it was made. The month is in an A through L format, so A is January, B is February, etc. The letter is followed by one or two digits which would indicate the year. If you see 6, for example, or 16, both mean 2016. If you see C3 or C13, that would indicate the battery was made in March 2013. Now you know how to read the date stamp! Try and buy a battery that’s not too old.

Carefully examine a used battery for corrosion. If you see any orange or green corrosion spots, don’t buy it. If the battery is a little bit dirty or dusty, though, that’s okay.

Ask the seller if the battery has any warranty on it. Ideally, there should be some warranty offered.

If you need a used car battery, or any other used car parts, come to All American Auto Salvage at 192 Leesville Ave. in Rahway, New Jersey. We’re open Monday through Saturday; Call 732-574-1945 for more information.

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