The Advantages of Buying Tires From a Salvage Yard

When your vehicle needs “new tires,” you could certainly buy them from a car dealership or tire store. But have you considered buying tires from a junkyard? Why do that? Well, it’s about saving money! Tires from a junkyard are typically less than half the price of brand new ones, offer fine performance, and meet safety standards. In other words, you get a good bargain!

‘Customer First’ Service

Most junkyards, aka salvage yards, offer reasonable return policies. So, just in case there’s a problem with your purchase, you can return tires and get other ones. 

The More Prudent Choice

Oftentimes, if people are leasing a vehicle and they don’t intend to keep it for a long time, used tires from a junkyard are a smart choice. Why bother buying brand new tires when you don’t really need brand new ones?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you’re environmentally-minded and you hate the idea of wasting earth’s resources, then buying used tires from a junkyard is a great idea. Rather than let used tires go to waste where they’re just left to rot over time, releasing harmful chemicals into the soil and water supply, you can save tires from a landfill by buying them at a junkyard. 

What To Look For When Buying Tires From a Salvage Yard

When buying used tires, look for their serial number(s) on the sidewall(s). This number determines the tire’s age. If a tire is less than five years old and/or it has 50% or more tread left, you should buy it! Junkyards typically inspect what they sell and make sure they’re selling you something that meets safety standards. Therefore, you’re likely to find safe, affordable, quality used tires at a junkyard.

Buy used tires at All American Auto Salvage on Leesville Avenue in Rahway, NJ. Our salvage yard is open Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm. Call 732-574-1945 for more information or email

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