Five Reasons Used Parts Are the Best Choice

When it comes to taking care of your car, few instances are more frustrating when the price of a part needed for your repair costs nearly as much as you spent on the vehicle. Even if an auto part is relatively inexpensive, you may still benefit from purchasing it used. In fact, there are at least five major benefits of buying used auto parts.

Cost Savings

We’ve already mentioned price, but the different in cost between a new and used part shouldn’t be overlooked. Of course, the differences varies depending on the specific part, but you can often find used prices that are half that of their new counterparts. This can end up saving you a fortune if several parts are needed for a complicated repair job.

Manufacturing Costs

Choosing to purchase a used part will also cut down on the need to manufacture new parts in general. Making parts requires resources like fuel and electricity, and there is no need to waste them when used parts are often perfectly suitable for your repair needs. This, in turn, helps keep prices down across the board for new parts and even new vehicles.

Environmental Benefits

Along those same lines, choosing a used part actually has several ecological benefits. In some cases, your car’s old part can be recycled and remanufactured, further cutting down on the need to produce new parts. When it comes to recycling, auto parts generally isn’t something that comes to mind, but a lot of waste can be cut down on if more people took advantage of used and remanufactured parts.

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Shop Local

Purchasing used parts is also a great way to keep money local. Rather than buying new parts from a nationwide manufacturer, you can support local auto shops. This not only serves to help local businesses, but also the larger community in which you live.

Guaranteed Fit

Finally, purchasing a part used ensures that you get the exact part you’re looking for. In many cases, new parts are slightly different than the ones found in your vehicle, altered slightly as replacement components are manufactured on lines built to handle parts for the newest models of a given vehicle. When you buy a used part, you can verify that it came from a car that was the exact make, model and year of your vehicle, meaning that you can be positive that it will fit perfectly in your car or truck.
With these reasons in mind, buying used auto parts simply makes sense. If you’re in need of any auto parts for a repair job, All American Auto Salvage offers a large inventory of used and reclaimed parts. Contact us today at 732-574-1945 to learn more or for help finding the right parts for your vehicle!

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Nash Rich

I think buying used parts is a really good idea. I have a used car, so pretty much everything about it is used, and it works great. I agree that buying used parts saves, which is what I’m all about. Why spend more on something new when a used part works just as good? Thanks for the info.


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