Regular DIY Automobile Maintenance

maintenance Maintaining a vehicle yourself can save you both time and money. But there is more to staying on top of your maintenance than changing the oil and keeping the tires inflated. You need to stay on top of so many lesser-known factors that keep your car running smoothly.

Fuel Filter
Every single second your engine is running, your fuel filter is working to prevent any fuel impurities from being sucked into your engine. So it makes little sense why this component is overlooked so often when it comes to regular maintenance. Replacing this very important component to your car every two years is crucial for a smooth running vehicle.

Spark Plugs
Among the most important part of routine maintenance when it comes to engine performance are your spark plugs. Driving with a combustion engine requires combustion from spark plugs. But like most engine components, plugs age and need regular replacement. When they age they start to misfire, creating inconsistent piston stroke, which you can definitely feel in acceleration. Luckily, however, these only need replacement every 80,000 miles or so.

Air filter
Your engine relies on air pushed through its grill for performance, which is first filtered through an air filter. The air filter keeps everything out of your intake from road debris, impurities and foliage. But as you could imagine, these items wind up bogging down the flow of air to your engine. Every 7,000 miles or so make sure to replace it or your engine will literally not be able to breathe.

Power steering fluid
Keeping on top of something as easy to maintain as your windshield washer fluid is more of something to remember than routine maintenance. But remembering this simple tip can save you thousands of dollars in steering system repairs and greatly impacts how well your vehicle handles. Check power steering fluid levels with every oil change for optimum performance.

Staying on top of these points of maintenance, along with of course tire rotation, replacing your belts, transmission and radiator fluids will ensure thorough automobile maintenance.

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