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Save Big When Buying These Used and Salvaged Parts

Buying replacement parts for a car or truck seems like a simple enough process. Identify the failed or damaged part and locate a replacement – simple, right? However, sometimes items are mislabeled or passed off as in better condition than advertised. Working with a reputable dealer like All American Auto Salvage can help give you… Read more »

The ARA; Protecting your Money & Safety

When buying used car parts, you want to make sure you are getting them in the best condition possible. Just because you are buying second hand equipment doesn’t mean you deserve second hand quality. So visiting only a junkyard with a reputation for distributing quality inspected parts is your best course of action. The Automotive… Read more »

Scrap Yards vs. Retail Auto Parts

Scrape your side view mirror on that fence backing out of your driveway? Accidentally scrape your bumper when you thought you cleared that U-turn? Found a huge ding on your driver side door from your trip to the grocery store the other day? These parts could easily cost thousands of dollars if you order replacements… Read more »