Save Big When Buying These Used and Salvaged Parts

Buying replacement parts for a car or truck seems like a simple enough process. Identify the failed or damaged part and locate a replacement – simple, right? However, sometimes items are mislabeled or passed off as in better condition than advertised. Working with a reputable dealer like All American Auto Salvage can help give you peace of mind that your used or salvaged parts are in good and usable condition, but have you ever wondered what parts can be purchased at the greatest savings? There are some parts that are more cost effective to purchase used and offer little to no risk. Let’s take a look at five of the best vehicle parts to buy used.


Mirrors are often very expensive to purchase new or from a dealer, which means that it’s usually best to purchase them used. A used mirror is pretty much the same as a new mirror, but the biggest difference is that they can be much less – nearly half the cost, in some cases. Mirrors are definitely safe to purchase used.


This sounds a little peculiar, but keep reading and it will become clear. You don’t necessarily want to purchase a new transmission, but you also can’t just take a transmission from one old car and place it into your car and expect your vehicle to run normally. That’s why rebuilt transmissions are a sort of happy in-between option. You can purchase a used transmission and have it rebuilt, which is more common and results in a lasting solution in most cases. The difference here is a substantial savings from the cost of purchasing a new transmission from a dealership.

Replacement Car & Truck PartsAlternator

Over time, alternators will wear down. The wires inside will fray and your car will not be able to sustain a charged battery, leading to stalls or failed starts. Similar to a transmission, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a rebuilt alternator as opposed to going to a dealer. A rebuilt alternator can provide the same benefits as a new one at a discounted price, says Wise Bread, so save some money and choose a used option instead.


Over time, some rims can rust or get corroded and choppy. As a result, they can sometimes dig into the tires, causing flats – the exact opposite of what you want in your tires. The best course of action is simply to contact a salvage lot like All American Auto Salvage. Rims are common and are often fine on a wrecked vehicle that may have only sustained damage to other parts of the car. Buy used and save.


If you need to replace a cracked window, it’s definitely more cost effective to purchase a used window from somewhere as opposed to contacting an auto-glass retailer. Plus, when searching for windows from a specific make and model, you may also be able to find new motors, hardware or switches you may need as well, notes Kiplinger. Find the perfect replacement and price by buying used.

All American Auto Salvage offers used car parts for sale in the tri-state area. All of our parts are quality used components, and if we don’t have it in our inventory, we will work to find it quickly for you. If you need a part, call All American Auto Salvage at 732-574-1945 today!



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