Scrap Yards vs. Retail Auto Parts

Scrape your side view mirror on that fence backing out of your driveway? Accidentally scrape your bumper when you thought you cleared that U-turn? Found a huge ding on your driver side door from your trip to the grocery store the other day? These parts could easily cost thousands of dollars if you order replacements direct from the manufacturer or dealer.

Before calling your dealer for your replacement parts, you may want to consider your local salvage yard. Taking in hundreds of cars daily, you are likely to find the exact match for your auto make, model, year, trim and color. If it’s a mechanical issue, finding a match is even more likely, as driveshaft and system parts are even more interchangeable amongst cars of the same make.

In addition to providing you the perfect mint-condition part matches, salvage yards can charge you about 90% less than a dealership or carmaker. Most collision shops, as a matter of fact, order their parts from salvage yards to save both them and the customer time and money. That’s because there is practically no waiting time. When you ask a salvage yard for a part, the only wait time is that required to retrieve it.

For a fraction of the price, you could seamlessly replace any number of parts on your car, be they body or mechanical. There is no back order, no multi-week delivery period and no nonsense. So whatever mishap you found yourself in with your car, fix it the smart way with your local salvage yard.

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Good tips! I bet most people don’t know you can get basically new stuff at a fraction of the price at a junkyard. Probably the name (“junk”) puts them off a little?


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