The Processes at Salvage Yards

What happens to a vehicle when it no longer works or is no longer useful to an owner? While there are several things you can do with old/broken down vehicles, one of the more popular options is to bring it to a salvage yard. This helps keep automotive parts out of landfills– they can sit at yards in piles where people can come from near and far to look for and then buy the used parts they need for their own vehicles.

Salvage Yard Processes

Salvage means taking unwanted, used, wrecked or junk vehicles and stripping them of usable parts and components– and these items can then be refurbished (if needed), recycled and/or sold. Why throw away perfectly good parts when someone else can benefit from them?

Workers at a salvage yard will drain incoming vehicles of fluids like coolant, oil and fuel before they’re disassembled. Things like gas tanks, tires and batteries get removed, too. Other parts get looked at by the professionals who then determine what to do with those parts– recycle them, fix them up/resell them, etc. A salvage yard is like an indoor/outdoor “warehouse” for used vehicle parts.

Are you looking for parts for your vehicle but you don’t want to pay “brand new” prices? Used parts are more affordable, and they’re available at salvage yards like All American Auto Salvage in Rahway, NJ, not too far from New York City. Wondering if they’ve got the part you’re looking for? Use the handy used auto parts locator, available online here.  You can search for things like fenders, hoods, taillights, door mirrors, spoilers and more.

Better yet, pay a visit to All American Auto Salvage, located at 192 Leesville Ave. in Rahway– business hours are Mondays thru Fridays 8am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm. For more info, call 732-574-1945 or email

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