Your Tie Rods Should be Regularly Inspected

Tie RodActing essentially as a link between the driver and tire, a tie rod is extremely important. It connects your front wheel to the rest of the steering system. When these go bad or wear, they can pose an extremely dangerous situation for the driver.

Replacing broken or nearly-broken tie-rods as soon as possible is essential to the safety of the automobile. Automobile with broken tie-rods pose huge risk to not only the driver, rather everyone else on the road. That’s because they are known to veer into oncoming traffic, make sharp and unexpected turns and even flip over.

Quick and unexpected maneuvers are the culmination of a snapped tie rod, which cause sudden imbalance to the car, driving the tire with the broken tie rod in a direction away from its mounting. That’s because the front wheel is free to move in any direction once this component snaps, a dangerous situation that only becomes worse as speed is increased.

The worst case scenario is unspeakable in the event of a broken tie rod. The best case scenario is the driver and passengers are unharmed, but very startled as the car drops to the ground. Regardless, this part of your automobile should be inspected regularly for any inconsistency and monitored for possible replacement at least once a year. The best time of year to ensure your tie rod has no stress fractures is in the spring, when there are the most potholes and the roads are the roughest.

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