An Overview of Buying Used Wheels

Sometimes people need to buy used wheels, and when they do, they come to All American Auto Salvage in Rahway, New Jersey. If you’re looking for used wheels, All American Auto Salvage can help you find just what you need.

OEM Wheels

With wheels, there are “OEM” wheels, which means original equipment manufacturer wheels that were installed when the vehicle was at the factory and/or they were replacement wheels made by the same company that provided the ones that came with the vehicle when it was originally made. OEM wheels are also known as genuine or factory wheels. They should fit the vehicle they’re made for perfectly!

Aftermarket Wheels
There are also “aftermarket” wheels available, and these are wheels that don’t come from the original factory associated with your particular vehicle but should fit your vehicle anyway and work well, too. 


Meanwhile, there are also rims, which are the outer edge of the wheel. While the whole wheel is what encompasses the entire metal structure that rotates around the axle, rims are all about the edges of the wheel. That said, people often use the terms rims and wheels interchangeably. 

Finding Used Rims and Wheels

When looking for used wheels (or rims) examine those you’re interested in and see if there are any cracks, dents, bends or missing parts. Scratches are okay but you want to make sure the structure is in good condition. Are there any signs of rust, pitting or corrosion? Is there paint chipping? How are the bolt holes in the center of the wheel? They shouldn’t be damaged. If you can, roll the used wheel on a flat surface– if it wobbles or goes sideways it might be bent and you shouldn’t buy it. 

Used wheels are generally priced according to their size, material, condition and quality. Used wheels are generally cheaper than brand-new counterparts, so it makes sense to shop for used wheels if you’re budget-conscious and want a “good deal.” Looking for used wheels? Call All American Auto Salvage at 732-574-1945 for more information.

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