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An Overview of Buying Used Wheels

Sometimes people need to buy used wheels, and when they do, they come to All American Auto Salvage in Rahway, New Jersey. If you’re looking for used wheels, All American Auto Salvage can help you find just what you need. OEM Wheels With wheels, there are “OEM” wheels, which means original equipment manufacturer wheels that… Read more »

Find the Right Components for Your Engine Issues

Sometimes you need to buy engine replacement parts for your vehicle’s engine. You can do so at All American Auto Salvage, located at 192 Leesville Avenue in Rahway, New Jersey. What are some common engine problems that might cause the need for engine replacement parts? Common Causes of Engine Problems If and when you’re driving… Read more »

Is It Time to Replace Hood of Your Car?

Some people end up getting a replacement hood because they’ve been in a front-end collision and suffered damage to their hood. Others need one simply because someone or something dented their hood in a major way. If you need to replace the hood of your vehicle, you can get one at All American Auto Salvage…. Read more »

Tips for Buying a Bumper From an Auto Salvage Yard

People come to All American Auto Salvage looking for various parts, including bumpers for their vehicles. Bumpers are guards between a vehicle’s front and back end and various objects. If and when your vehicle hits another vehicle, the bumper absorbs some of the impact. It can help protect vital parts of the vehicle from being… Read more »

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle With the Help of an Auto Salvage Yard

These days buying used or new cars/trucks can be expensive. If you don’t have the money in your budget to replace a whole vehicle, consider maintaining the one you’ve already got, and doing so in an affordable way. One of the smart ways to save money while maintaining a vehicle is to find and buy… Read more »

Steps to Take to Prepare Your Car for the Worst Parts of Winter

The wintertime can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Between the freezing-cold temperatures it will have to endure every time you start it up and the snowy and icy conditions that often come along with the colder months, your car, truck, or SUV will have to work extra hard to make it through the winter. Check… Read more »

The Appeal of Buying Used

The price for a new car has skyrocketed in recent years. According to Edmunds, the average price of a new vehicle cost a record $34,077 in 2016, and it doesn’t look like the price of new cars, trucks and SUVs is going to go down anytime soon. As vehicle manufacturers have added new features like… Read more »

Prepare Your Car for the Cold Weather

Winter is coming, and that goes for us and our vehicles! In cold and snowy climates, it is critical that your car is up for the challenges that fall and winter present. These fixes won’t take too long, but they can be true life savers. Here are a few tips to prepare for the inclement… Read more »

Regular DIY Automobile Maintenance

Maintaining a vehicle yourself can save you both time and money. But there is more to staying on top of your maintenance than changing the oil and keeping the tires inflated. You need to stay on top of so many lesser-known factors that keep your car running smoothly.   Fuel Filter Every single second your… Read more »