Car Body Parts Most Often Damaged in Accidents

Ever been in a car crash? Typically, vehicles often get damaged during an accident, and owners will want to replace broken parts. Rather than paying top dollar for brand new parts, though, owners can visit places like All American Auto Salvage where they can find replacement parts at a lower price than, say, “brand new.” And these quality parts work just fine. That’s the major benefit of visiting a salvage yard for parts– they work and they’re less expensive than at other places.

So what are the most typical damaged vehicle body parts in accidents and crashes?

If you guessed “front bumper” as your top choice, you’re right! Bumpers are there to be bumped, after all, and when vehicles crash, it’s usually the front bumper that receives a major impact. Related to the bumper, there’s the fender(s), which also take a hit. Fenders are the frames of the wheel wells. A side collision usually messes with a vehicle’s fender(s). Don’t forget the rear bumper, though, because it’s in the Top 3 of most damaged parts of a vehicle in a crash!

What are some more parts on a vehicle that get ruined in crashes? There’s the front grille which lets air flow into the engine compartment. And there’s the hood of the car, covering the engine. That can easily get smashed up. On the back of the vehicle, there’s the trunk lid– that too can be damaged, especially if a vehicle is rear-ended. To finish the big list off, don’t forget the front and rear doors on the sides of vehicles. 

Car repairs can get expensive especially when expensive replacement parts are involved. Therefore, it behooves you to check around and see who is selling what, and at what price. In Rahway, NJ, you can visit All American Auto Salvage and shop for reasonably priced replacement parts for your damaged vehicle. Open 6 days a week (closed Sundays), All American Auto Salvage is located at 192 Leesville Ave. in Rahway. Call 732-574-1945 for more info.

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