Tips for Buying Rims From an Auto Salvage Yard

In business since 1983, All American Auto Salvage has been supplying all sorts of people with all sorts of used auto parts for several decades now, and that includes rims. Many New Yorkers and people from New Jersey have come to All American Auto Salvage to “pimp their ride” with cool tire rims that make them stand out in a crowd. Rather than pay full price for brand new rims, area car and truck enthusiasts know that they can get a great deal on used rims at All American Auto Salvage in Rahway, NJ.

So, are you looking for some rims? Thinking about buying them from a salvage yard like All American Auto Salvage? What should you keep in mind?


First, look at your vehicle’s manual. You can find out the correct size of OEM rims the manufacturer recommends. You want to make sure the rims you get meet the manufacturer’s specs so you don’t get vibrations or instability while driving, right?


When looking at rims, look for any cracks or corrosion. Also look for bent lips. If the damage is minimal and can be restored easily and cheaply, then get them. If not, avoid them.

Proper Bolt Pattern

Next, look at the arrangement of lug holes on your current rim. You want to make sure the used rims you buy match the “bolt pattern” on your current vehicle, so they’ll fit without any trouble.

No Wobbles

If allowed, roll the rim on a flat surface and see if it wobbles– if it does, avoid it; You want rims that roll smoothly.


Finally, look for any discoloration. If there is any, that means the wheel’s clear coat was compromised, letting moisture, dirt, and road salt “in” to cause corrosion. However, if the color(s) look new, that’s great– that means the rims are well-protected.

Ready to check out some rims in person? Visit All American Auto Salvage at 192 Leesville Ave. in Rahway, NJ; For hours of operation and details, call 732-574-1945.

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