Reasons to Buy From an Auto Salvage Dealer

Auto Salvage When you’re thinking of buying a car, there’s new and used, of course, but there’s also salvage. You can buy vehicles from an auto salvage dealer for an affordable price.

While most people assume they know what the term salvage means, just for clarification purposes here’s a decent explanation:

Joe’s driving a 2012 Dodge Caravan. He gets into an accident with it and his insurance declares it a “total loss.” In other words, they think it’s damaged to the point where they don’t want to pay the cost of repairing it. The cost is too high compared to the value of the vehicle. What happens next? Well, the insurance company takes possession of the damaged Dodge Caravan. Then they have a repair facility fix it up, rebuilding it. The Caravan is given a new title called a salvage title. This lets potential buyers know the vehicle has been in an accident BUT fixed up to the point where it’s worth selling again.

Reasons to Buy a Salvage Title Vehicle

Why buy a salvage title vehicle? Oftentimes, the damage done in an accident was mostly cosmetic. If the engine and various important parts weren’t damaged and all that needed to be done was replacement of things like body panels, doors and windows, then you, the buyer, could definitely be getting a good bargain. Salvage titles are often cheaper than new or used ones.

For those thinking of buying from an auto salvage dealer, know this: you’re welcome to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle before you buy it. You’re welcome to ask for the original repair estimate from the insurance company and/or a vehicle history report.

All American Auto Salvage of Rahway, New Jersey, works with repair shops, servicing many shops that are affiliated with insurance companies like Geico Direct, Allstate Pro, Liberty Mutual Care Plus, Progressive DRP, High Point GRP, USAA Stars and Encompass Pro. All American Auto Salvage can repair damaged vehicles which can then be sold with salvage titles. Other times, vehicles that are damaged beyond repair can be utilized for any and all parts on them that are still in good working condition, even after a bad accident.

For more information, please call All American Auto Salvage at 732-574-1945.

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