Some Things You Just Need to Buy New

Brake RotorsAuto salvage yards are a great resource for used auto parts of all kinds. They are great places for finding mechanical parts for your engine or cosmetic components such as fenders or rear view mirrors. There are some items, however, you should just never salvage.

Braking System Components

Whether it’s your brake pads, rotors, brake lines or even your brake shoes, you should not under any circumstance salvage these from a scrap yard. These parts control how quickly you can bring your car to a stop. You never have any idea what the driving habits were of the previous owner and how worn out the components truly are. And even though the remainder of a brake pad is easy to detect, you can buy a new set for $15. When you’re doing 75 on the highway and a deer runs out in front of your car, you will be glad you sprung for the extra couple bucks to have new brakes installed.

Safety Restraints

When you find yourself in a collision and your airbags deploy, pick up a like-new bumper or hood from your local salvage yard. But have the experts reinstall a brand new airbag. Air bags are very complex pieces of equipment. When not properly installed, or installed with substandard equipment, it could literally mean the difference between life and death.
An airbag computer chip monitors hundreds of sensors within your vehicle. When these aren’t correctly calibrated, coordinating sensors for acceleration, impact, door pressure, wheel speed, and many other factors, it could spell disaster. Moreover, you really don’t have an idea of the origin of the bag and whether or not it was involved with an accident.


Your tires are the most important item you want to avoid salvaging for your automobile. Where the rubber meets the road, you want to take no chances. Even if the tread may appear sufficient, you never know what those tires have been through. If used tires were involved in a wreck, they are useless. That’s because tire trauma from collisions often results in tread separation and weak spots on the tire. These may not be visible to the naked eye, but you don’t want to find these out when you’re traveling at a high rate of speed.

Tires are the most important part of your safety while driving. They separate you and your family from the road. Moreover, tire tread is crucial for preventing your car from sliding in wet or icy conditions. It is, however, compromised when you purchase used tires.

Car parts that have to do with stopping your vehicle, such as parts included in your braking system and tires, or your automobiles safety restraints, you should always purchase new. Moreover, only experienced technicians and mechanics should install these items. This will ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable, especially when you have precious cargo.

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