Why Scrapyards Are Your Best Bet

ScrapyardWe’ve all done it – scraped our mirror, lost a piece of the front grill on our car or pulled a handle just a little too hard. Any of these pieces could cost hundreds of dollars to replace, but they don’t have to. Junk and scrap yards can be the key to finding the car part you need quickly and cheaply.

Each day, junkyards take in dozens, if not hundreds, of cars. Different makes, models, colors, years file into yards daily. And your local salvage yard should be able to tell you right away whether or not they have the part you need. And the chances are pretty good that they will.

The manufacturer or dealer that sold you your car can without a doubt provide you with the piece you need. However, they will also charge you for labor, overhead and tax. If they have to specially order the piece, you can even expect to pay shipping and handling.

Since parts from scrapyards will cost less, tax will be less as well. And don’t forget when you purchase through a scrap yard, you can get your part right then and there. No shipping, no wait time just however long it takes for the employee to retrieve the item.

Body and mechanical parts can both be found at your local salvage yard. Due to the small nature of the business and the independence from a larger corporation, lower prices are common. You could save hundreds of dollars by visiting a scrapyard instead of taking your car back to the dealer to have a problem fixed.

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