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Understanding Used Part Grading

At All American Auto Salvage, we are proud to be a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association of New Jersey. As such, we follow a specific grading scale for used parts that is established by the ARA. These guidelines were created to help establish standards that collision repairers and automotive recyclers can understand clearly. This… Read more »

Five Reasons Used Parts Are the Best Choice

  When it comes to taking care of your car, few instances are more frustrating when the price of a part needed for your repair costs nearly as much as you spent on the vehicle. Even if an auto part is relatively inexpensive, you may still benefit from purchasing it used. In fact, there are… Read more »

Your Tie Rods Should be Regularly Inspected

Acting essentially as a link between the driver and tire, a tie rod is extremely important. It connects your front wheel to the rest of the steering system. When these go bad or wear, they can pose an extremely dangerous situation for the driver.   Replacing broken or nearly-broken tie-rods as soon as possible is… Read more »

The Intricacies of Buying Used Wheels

Buying used wheels for your vehicle can be a great way to save money while also staying safe. But brand new wheels can be expensive so as an alternative many drivers by gently used wheels as replacement or extra wheels. However, its important to use precaution when purchasing used wheels. Properly inspecting wheels before purchasing… Read more »

Why Scrapyards Are Your Best Bet

We’ve all done it – scraped our mirror, lost a piece of the front grill on our car or pulled a handle just a little too hard. Any of these pieces could cost hundreds of dollars to replace, but they don’t have to. Junk and scrap yards can be the key to finding the car… Read more »

Be on High Alert When Salvaging Fiberglass

Scrap yards and junk yards are full of cars that have valuable pieces just waiting to be found. Car lovers across the nation scour these yards to find car bodies, fenders, bumpers and accessories. However, not everything in a junk yard is worth salvaging. For example, recycling fiberglass comes with some functionality and even health… Read more »

The ARA; Protecting your Money & Safety

When buying used car parts, you want to make sure you are getting them in the best condition possible. Just because you are buying second hand equipment doesn’t mean you deserve second hand quality. So visiting only a junkyard with a reputation for distributing quality inspected parts is your best course of action. The Automotive… Read more »

Keep it Green: Visit your Auto Scrapyard

Enlisting a junkyard for your auto parts is an ecologically sound decision for many different reasons. Supporting these businesses is about more than saving a few dollars on second hand auto parts, it’s also about curbing greenhouse gases, the continued erosion to our ice caps and exploitation of natural resources. Iron ore mining is destructive… Read more »

Arm Yourself with Knowledge when Junking Your Car

Nothing lasts forever, not even good old Detroit steel. When you and your car have driven to the end of the road together and it’s just too costly to maintain any longer, it may be time for the junkyard. But there are some measures to take before you can even consider your ride for the… Read more »

Turn to Your Scrapyard When Restoring Your Classic

Car enthusiasts and rebuilders have known about the great resource scrapyards offer as long as the car has been engrained in the American fabric. They are a top resource to enthusiasts looking for a reliable and affordable option when seeking components to their car. Whether you need a carburetor for a 1944 Ford Coupe or… Read more »