Find the Right Components for Your Engine Issues

Sometimes you need to buy engine replacement parts for your vehicle’s engine. You can do so at All American Auto Salvage, located at 192 Leesville Avenue in Rahway, New Jersey. What are some common engine problems that might cause the need for engine replacement parts?

Common Causes of Engine Problems

If and when you’re driving your vehicle and you experience engine problems, what might be the causes of such problems? Oftentimes, it could be something as simple as a failing oil pump. When that happens, the engine isn’t getting oil like it should. There could also be oil deposits and/or debris on certain engine fittings like the intake valves or spark plugs. If debris gets lodged between your vehicle’s bearings, that’s a bad thing. Poor lubrication, meanwhile, can cause friction inside the engine whereas it overheats and/or seizes up.

Other engine problems could include leaking engine coolant, blocked engine radiators and/or poor compression of fuel and air inside the engine. Maybe you’ve got a broken valve seal somewhere or holes in cylinders. Your piston rings might need to be replaced. A mechanic can help assess what’s going on so you know what part or parts need to be fixed, cleaned and/or replaced.

Do you ever hear a knocking noise coming from your engine? That might indicate there’s too much heat in its combustion chamber. When this happens, you get engine detonation which often leads to damaged pistons, piston rings and/or head gaskets.

Two other issues with engines are old spark plugs and damaged oxygen sensors. Should you need replacement engine parts and/or to replace your entire engine, consider visiting All American Auto Salvage to see what’s in stock at affordable prices. Come visit All American Auto Salvage at 192 Leesville Avenue in Rahway, New Jersey, open everyday of the week except Sunday. Call 732-574-1945 or email for more information.

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